Trust me

Written by: Eli Moon

I was the one who brought you up
I was the one who wiped away your tears
I am lost being under
Because I am blinded by the feeling I fear

I had lost you in the end
And you were my one true friend
Why can't you see
I was trying to set you free
Free from everything
Trust Me

Fallen inside
Broken within
Shattered helplessly
Crawling in between
Crippled into Bits
Heart left to bleed
The Happiness I seek
Fades away from me
Tears Falling
Hopes Ending
Escape From the wind
The dark flows in
Cried Inside
Screaming in my Mind
Screamed in the Light
Light that never shines
Opened Up my Eyes
See where I am Heading
In My life

I had given you everything
But you never see
I can set you free
I can make you happy
If you 
Trust Me