Poetic Mind

Written by: Nathan Leccese

Thoughts casting shadows,
   hiding truth beneath its wings.
Searching for answers,
   blinded by darkness.
   lost in forgotten ideas,
Blurry images.

Faint light develops,
   breaking darkness’ talons.
Grasping for the light,
   defending its life.
Shielding it as darkness fades,
   light grows strong and high.

Merging with poet,
   moving through and into hands.
Pen clutched tight writing,
   soul begins to flow.
Empowering light evolves,
   birthing new ideas.

Thoughts become more clear,
   poet feeds off lights warm glow,
   touching hearts and lives.
Light begins to fade,
   shadows return to attack,
   search begins again.

Nathan Bane Leccese
© All Rights Reserved 06/30/09