Written by: brandy megens

implicated for a crime he did not commit

fighting an endless and hopeless battle 

unsure of who conspired aganist him

guilty of being black

innocent soul forced to be corrupt

mind racing and searching for relief

heartbeat slowing down

raped and tortued by inmates and guards

forced into a world where hell is home

wanting nothing but a fair trial

tears turn to rage while days turn to years

no visits no commissary thrown into confinement

four grey walls no bed naked and alone

marinating in feces while surviving on dirty urine

fed humility on a tray of spit and sperm

why does the system fail us

so many innocent lives wasting away 

living and lost on the green mile

once an everyday working man

now becomes a man's woman

violated in mid-evil ways

betrayed by his flesh and blood

wanting to end it all now

just to be free once again

living inside his world of what if's

escape is through his prayers

life leaves him to die a slow death

alone and afraid of what lurks outside

having to swallow more than his pride

looking forward to that fateful day

when the needle filled with hate

will slowly enter his veins

and take him away