Written by: MAF Longfellow

A tribute to Michael Jackson  
                       M.J.     R.I.P.
                Michael Jackson "The King of Pop".
                Life was always full of shock. 
                Rocked the world when just a kid.
                With thrilling moves no dancer did.
                Questions swirled round and round.
                How did he turn white from brown?
                Why a life of solitude and dread?
                Just kids and animals speculation fed.
                The Neverland Ranch and amusement park rides.
                A man in a cage but a boy inside.
                 Abused as a child.  Lonely and sad.
                 His father's image removed of his dad.
                 Unacceptable behavior in a fantasy world.
                 Escaping reality pharmaceutically cured.
                  Now mourning his death.  Resurrecting his good.
                  Lyric's and music we all understood.
                  Farewell  Michael.  We'll remember your best.
                  As you moonwalk toward  Heaven and your eternal rest....
                                   By: MAFLongfellow