Written by: brandy megens

it's a second by second struggle that i'm fighting with all my might

i pray to my higher power to help me stay sober today

in that one moment i would get weak and my life as i know it wil end

it's not prison that scares me it's how i'd live with myself

the temptation kills me the urges paralize me the cravings consume me

it's so hard to be strong when you're weak

when everyone's looking at you through broken rose colored glasses

so many expectations they hang over me at times i just wanna break free

no one understands me i feel so alone fighting the devil in my own home

i get no credit for anything i do at times that's all i need to help me through

this life is all new to me in everyway it's like learning to walk without crawling

i'm forced to face the world as i know it afraid and vulnerable not wanting to quit

i dream of getting high and their so vivid and so real

i wake up not knowing how to feel

a warrior i am so i know i can stay strong but this addiction is in me til i'm dead and gone

please give me a chance to live my life i may not always be right but i'm in it for the fight