Written by: Kallol Dahal

The nature is very nice, it made many human beings
Among them, you look a girl who is always cheering.
There is no one who can be compared to you,
You are among those the nature makes few. 

Even fairies are useless in your comparison,
Everyone can feel your beauty even those without vision.
The leaves of the trees start to and fro when you pass them,
As for me, you and the special fairy are the same.

All the people stop working when they look at you,
Those also come back for a special girl who already flew.
The man whoever looks at you will forget his own name,
The god in the temple and he will be the same in frame.

The snakes with hundred heads cannot explain your beauty,
If they look at you, they will surely forget their duty.
So, there's noone in your comparison and to explain you,
Since you are a special girl who is new…..