Written by: brandy megens

fear has caused suffering when it could have caused faith

more often we should give without demanding something in return

                                         without expectations

                               strengthen our words and deeds

                                          allowing humility to replace our ego

joy is not just the absence of pain it is continual awakening

                               too often our kind words fall on deaf ears

the less we know the more we learn it's a humbling fact

                  what's done is done

                                                               we wish the past never was

                            we try to wish it all away

we keep struggling because we ae holding on to old ideas and the results are nil

there are times when fear suddenly tears us apart just when we experience happiness

the journey of life is a happy one as long as we are willing to accept change

our feelings come from inside not from outward circumstances

                                              overwhelming emotions erode our ego

if we allow others to the right to be wrong it reaps it's own benefits

we must no longer hide behind self rationalization

   we live as though we are gonna die tomorrow

once we let go of our selfish attachments we will begin to heal