Hey there my mama

Written by: sajdah al-riyami

Hey there my mama
How you doing long time didn't see you
Ive been busy making a life
And mama im glad you didn't miss me

Thanks to you
I tried my best in my school
So i wont end up as you

Hey there my mama
Im still having fun with life
But then i was getting really lonely
So i came to look for you

Now please mama
Heres a surprise
if it werent for your abandonment
I wont be so happy 

Oooo but I really needed you
Right now
Ooooo i just need a mama

Ooooo ive made so much
in my life
Ooooo so be proud within
my eyes
And be my side

(The rythm to "Hey there delilah".I wanted to dedicate this to all orphans to try hard in 
life,even if you've lost you're parents.Life is still yours,you dont need them.Maybe soon 
they'll come back=) )