Written by: Sandra Hudson

Reality is God
Who he is
What he has done
What he can do
What he won’t do
What he will do
That he is forever
Forever yours
Forever loving
Forever forgiving
Forever re-living
Forever re-told
More than a feeling
Not a shiver
Not a quake
But an awakening
Alive with spiritual shakening 
Blessed with his touch
Needed so much
Is he
Who is Omnipotent.
Bigger than life
To the umpteenth gazillionth

As opposed to 
Although created by he
Cannot not foresee
Nor change the wind
The sky, the end
Cannot save or send
Cannot breech or mend
Cannot make or bend
The powers that be
Any powers that I would manifest
Would just be a jest
Of nothingness
Would never justify
Could never rectify
Will never clarify
Unless the try was through
Gods Might
Then it would be alright
Through him all things
Are new awakenings
Like songs to sing
And testimonies that bring
A cease,
to pondering,
the other side
of reality.