Written by: valerie bellefleur

She remembered when they first met,
he promised her anything,
and she lay in his arms cradling the golden moon
he had plucked out of the sky and placed at her feet, 
and when she asked for a necklace of stars, he had
picked the finest ones out of the milky way and hung
them around her neck, and when they awoke she had
begged him for ribbons for her hair, he reached 
into the morning sunrise and selected the finest
mauves and pinks and she had laughed and tied
them into her curls for him to see..

And together they had lain on the grassy cliff watching
the symphony of the morning sun as it pulled itself
out of satin sheets and got ready for another day,
and she turned her head away from the sun and
fell into a deep sleep with her head on his chest,
and she dreamed of milk white ponies with silver
bridles galloping across the clouds, and she thought 
of how much she had loved him and how she would
never stop loving him..

But when she awoke, the sun was hot and when she
turned over in the grass, he was no longer there,
and the moon was back in the sky, pale and far away,
the stars at her throat were gone, and reaching for
her hair, she wore none of the ribbons he had given her,
and when she called out his name over and over, the
words crumbled to dust at her feet, and were swept
away in the morning wind.