Mother Earth

Written by: Trudy Diane Rider

Mother Earth awakens, in subtle pastel hues
Aspen leaves flutter and quake, shaking off the morning dew
Morning stirs, and Hummingbird wings whir and trill, just out of sight
Columbines dance on a pine scented breeze, solely to their delight

Mother Earth enjoys the day, basking in suns glow
or splashing in the rain showers and watching flowers grow
Whispered secrets on the wind, ancient wisdoms to impart
keeping silent vigil, she hears them stir within her heart.

Mother Earth lays down to sleep, bright colors paint the sky
evening shadows blanket her shoulders, as she closes her eyes
Pine trees shush their lullabies, and usher in the night
the taste of dew hangs in the air, as stars begin to light