How To Live...

Written by: Jo Hayton

It's here again
In full force
Making up for lost time
Not sure I will make it out
With you this time

Im sorry my love
I am tired of fighting now
Whatever is in me
Indent on destroying me
It's job is coming to fruition

I don't want to give in
To demise
To its ultimate written contract
I will always go down
For you loved me

I begged for you
I screamed for you
I cried for the pain to subside

But my love
Even though you reached me
I was already dying inside

But you kept me awake
You made me fight
Time and time again

You gave me the sun
So absent from my life 
You dosed me up with your love
To ward off the incurable pain

I will always love you
I will always remember
How you gave everything you had to give

Sadly it was written in the fate
That as sure as I was born
I couldn't understand and cope with how to live..