Written by: brandy megens

i see many times where i should have died during my previous style of living

someone something was watching over me i rather not assume

the matter of will is the more difficult part of me

i have experienced enough emotioinal pain through failed attempts at love

anxiously awaiting for the calm after the storm

i tend to hinder myself to be released from self confinement but convince myself to go forward

i am no longer a slave to misery or regret

yet in so many ways enslavement still threatens myself my desires and my dreams

without dreams i'm stuck 

i must go deep inside the core of my being to free myself

until i do i will always be running and never truly at ease

insanity dominates my life at times and the essence of my disease

i tend to get chained to negativity with no cutting loose

power can remove these character defects from me when i don't practice deception

i like the idea of admitting defeat it sets me free