My Song

Written by: Lary Houston

My heart sings its own melody since I answered His sweet call
  though it's not one I can share with every one.
It tells me things will be o.k. and He will not let me fall
  as long as I am following His Son.
I trusted in you Jesus and you saved me from my sin
  You told me You would never turn away.
Even though sometimes I'm caught up in this world I'm living in
  You always help me make it through each day.
You've never let me down dear Lord though I know I've made You sad
  when I turn away you welcome me back home.
With every tear You've shed for me the times when I've been bad
  You've let me know I'm still one of your own.
So I'll keep trying every day not to let you down again
  and I know You'll give me strength to carry through.
I know You'll always be there for You are my trusted friend
  and my heart tells me I can depend on You.