You kill with Your Hate

Written by: sajdah al-riyami

**You name them your blood
**You fight side by side
**Against the “Enemy”:
**The different in sight

Your soldiers against soldiers
And Yet
You’re all alike
Both brothers from Adam and Eve

Alive you’ll never come close to one another
But you’re friends die side by side

You both heal but hate
You both suffer in and out of battlefields
You're all good
But you've all been call bad
You're suppose to be fighting the system
But the system is beating you up
It's gotten you in a Sibling Rivarly

We start with name callings:
Latino chickens
American slave driver
Arab terrorists
African dust

Then it's fist fights:
I got a slap
I got a punch
I got a kick
I’ve gone to jump you
--& Pretty soon a tornado--

And we died with weapons:
I’ve got a rope
I’ve got a brass knuckle
I’ve got a knife
I’ve got a gun
--I’ve got a bomb--

Maybe, it's time you understand
That you didn’t kill him 
With your guns or knives
You killed him with your hate

**You name them your blood
**You died side by side
**Against “Your brothers”
**The same inside

(For the Sibling Rivalary Contest)