Written by: brandy megens

we cannot indefitnitly avoid depressing subject matter particulary if it's true

        how did cultured people turn to genocide

                                the rest of the world remained silent

                                                    force the confrontation

lean taunt sparse in style 

                                 employ no tricks

provide no escape

                        accept responsibility of our past

still many who feed on the wish

            on the anti semitisim that lurks near the surface of the lives of even cultured people

                                       committing the greatest indignity humans can inflict

making people believe their pain and torture was an illusion

                in that valley death took on substance

                those that survived turned into substanse

                                        honor the dead                warn the living

better one heart be broken a thousand times in retelling the story

if it means a thousand hearts not be broken at all
                              their presence casts a shadow from withen which we can see

in the dimmest outline the reality they saw and touched and tasted directly

the on going devastation has only begun

devastation will never end

devastation imposed by memory that makes the line between life and death very thin

how can one discern the vestiges of life being breathed into a corpse

                                     we must seek relief from this horror

lets hope with this generation we will recapture 
enough reality that it will never be repeated again

a poem about the holocaust