Sheep in Space

Written by: Lee Leon

Sometimes when the evening gathers
And the stars come out to graze
I look above into the heavens
Take them in my ovine gaze

I'm not too small yet not to wonder
Though my woolly brain is slow
Are there sheep on other planets
Will one day we somehow know?

If my life had turned out diff'rent
Or if magic transformed me
I'd be aboard a woolly spaceship
Heading out, so I could see

I'd have a sheep shape spacesuit helmet
Curved around my sheepie face
My fame would spread, I'd be on stamps
I'd be the first sheep out in space

I imagine other planets
Many light years off from here
The journey long, but I would make it
Each day just a bit more near

Falling down from alien heavens
My descent both swift and steep
When I landed, when I ventured
Would I find another sheep?