Written by: Larry Smith

As the salvo to parry any blow
succumbs to a deserted battlefield;
what does a warrior do who doesn't know
the war is over and it's time to yield?
     The gusto of engagement stirs the thrill
     for one final conquest; one final kill!
     That last valiant stand is more grave to keep
     than slowly wane supine among the sheep.

I canvassed the landscape for upheaval
that needed my sacred call to duty,
but witnessed a warm, sanguine primeval
extolling the virtues of grace and beauty!
     The boredom from this unruffled assault;
     the pallor of repose leaves who at fault?
     If victory (or loss) conclude the fight,
     why end the battle that makes war so trite?

I cry, “Is there a battle needing fought”?
	The notion is pensive:
     the struggle likely for naught.
A worthy offensive
   will all the same
   bring me no shame!
My Casus Belli is against this peace:
war IS the answer; and ultimate fleece!

Casus Belli
: an event or action that justifies or allegedly justifies a war or conflict