Written by: Lary Houston

In my idea of heaven
  there would be rolling open plain;
with rich luxurious grasses
  kissed by a gentle rain.
The perfect campsite every evening
  with water cool and sweet
and a nice soft pair of moccasins
  to soothe my tired old feet.
And sunrise every morning
  would be so bright and fair;
I'd linger over morning coffee
  just breathing in the air.
I'd saddle up my faithful horse
  and he'd be eager to go.
Why, I wouldn't need to reign him
  'cause he'd already know.
The trail would be familiar
  for I'd ridden it many times
while reading in the Good Book
  laid out plainly on each line.
For once I crossed those far blue mountains
  I'd finally be coming home;
where my Savior waits to greet me
  beneath God's Great White Throne.