Written by: brandy megens

put your finger on the time when it all began

sex was always a form of cardinal sin

a virgin bleeds from holy matrimony on her wedding night

to some it's a sign of evil and sin to others it's a form of ritual

the smell of clotted and repressed nights of desire and wanted pleasure

freeze the air above leaving her breathless fighting for life

covered from head to toe with only a tiny hole for punishment

the basis all covered rules set and passed down from generation to generation 

forbidden thoughts corrode and manifest in her sponge like mind

absorbing all the pain and brutal tongue lashings by the mouth of her master

scared to look him in the eyes she walks with her head down 

tripping on regrets of things she'll never know

a vision of beauty lost amongst a cowards faith

controlled by a politcal mindless mind of a mad man

freedom is just a word she'll never know until the day she dies

yet we watch this on t.v at night and don't even batter our eyes

realize that this is our sister our mother our daughter

silently pleading for your help open your hearts and your minds

and don't let it fade away