Not Just A Pretty Face

Written by: sajdah al-riyami

She sees her reflection
In the mirror in her room
She sees the perfection
That awaits a groom

She knows nothing 
Except her beauty
she cares for nothing
But to be happy

She was ready 
To be happy
Thats all she really 
Wanted to be

And to marry
A wealthy handsome
Was To be happy
And Have a big Mansion

And now shes in the white Gown
And she feels... Glad
I mean "hes your Own"
The dream that you had

Thats exactly it:You had
Now its gone right?
The feeling of never being sad
Is back in all its might

But thats just it
Its not the marriage thats wrong
He just sees a pretty tit
He is not where you belong

You belong In James
The blonde and the pretty
The smart and no games
The broke but the witty

"You love Him"
Its true;Is'nt it
You love him
And hes gone ,but he fit

"Now that you know right"
Put back the fit of your puzzle
You want to be the rich wife
But do you want to die with a 50 something muzzle?

Your not a pretty face
& James Knows exactly that
Your beauty in this case
Is not the only fact


Years To Come:

You never made it to the wedding
They all said you were dead
But i know your a live one, my friend
Your just with James making a living