Written by: JW Fellers

Moonlight crept through the cracks, of the cabin, to lie on the floor. Crossed the room without tracks, savoured each spot as the spot before. Dust danced on the moonbeams, as time just trickled past. Minutes lingered for hours, it seems, these nights, how long they do last. Pictures now shaded of you last spring, as moonlight moseyed on along. Dreadin’ pictures the moonlight will bring, wonder asked me, “What went wrong?” The moon’s light climbs the wall, chased by the dancin’ dust. Ascendin’ its creepin’ crawl, in a few hours, it’ll be dusk. Passing is another night, the moon’s light guards against sleep. Which one of us was right? This life I cannot keep. By Jim “Ish” Fellers Copyright ©: July 10, 2004 ~ Saturday