Written by: JW Fellers

I looked out across this vast prairie, an' I saw her as the cattle were bawlin'. Bright an' nimble as a fairy, at twilight as the stars were fallin'. An image forms my sweet Sherry, in knots my gut kept gallin'. I called to her in haste so weary, an' reached as I kept callin'. I fear my search so leery, trapped under a veil of pallin'. Lightin' flashes so bright, so aerie, thunder encourages the wind to yawlin'. With noses raised high they serry, bawl changes to that of squallin'. Startled an' swiftly themselves they carry, Sprung from the cantle where I was lollin'. Vision blurred my sight so bleary, my emotions inside kept brawlin'. Eyes glassy now an' glary, heart beats stutter now an' stallin'. My mind shifts to thoughts so merry, myself I shant keep maulin'. Memories forever will tarry, roweled flanks as I kept haulin'. My pony stumbles it's so scary, dust flies as I am sprawlin'. Us both they'll have to bury, say words that are sad an' drawlin' My life God will review an' query, gathered as a fisherman trawlin'. Assigned to the Heavenly Prairie, I ride drag as the cattle are bawlin'. My Pard is an Angelic Fairy, His name I keep Praisin' an' callin'. For now my Pard is the Son of Mary, to Him I am eternally thrallin'. By Jim "Ish" Fellers Copyright ©: February 05, 2004 ~ Thursday