Boo ,The colourful Bear!

Written by: sajdah al-riyami

Shes got hair thats black
thats red rose
thats barbie blonde
& her grassy toes

Im all chocolate brown
shes all colourful
Ill make you laugh when your down
And youll look all wanderful

I maybe anorexic
But i eat my fruit salad
Girl:Mcdonalds just calling
And my mom is just mad

She stuffed a piece of chocolate
down my throat
And i scuff it up
And this is what i wrote

Lets be tinkerbell
jealous of that stupid wendy
did she steal our man!
Boy:Come on,i was all bendy;)

Wadeva trash apologies
youve got in the bag
im not taking it
you two faced fag

So we wash them off
though their still there
I'll always have your back
My little Boo Bear XD