Lilies of the Sun

Written by: Sandra Hudson

Every dawn, to dream 
the world is somehow re-created. 
The impossible, under the orange. 

With fighting rays protruding
out of the sun, (the heaped unbeatable).
(Foe of the night ash). 
Turning into, (all horizons) far 

Bear yourself to the unbearably high branches- 
letting the ponds cry in sorrow 
wearing your warm diamond cloak 
causing it to magnify it’s intention

Yet, of virgin white lilies, 
If your nature; 
to reach toward the orange 
then reach with all you have 

for hours lilies, your imagination 
brightens everywhere 
calling us all to join
Lifting your burden somewhat 

All the while
The blade and shoe 
that is heavier than lead- 
ever present, eclipses your attempts 
to keep on trudging- 

Oh Lilies,
Grow, in your splendor
Turn on spiral muscle worn thin
as you pry the sky downward
Expressing your efforts

Allowing for me, time to stand 
a necessary task
If I am to continue
To expand my workfist
Wide open into the day

*****Winner of first place award******
Inspired by: The Impossible Dream by Joe Darion
Written exclusively for Michele Nold-Godleske Contest