this woman here

Written by: Neo Bridgette Kitso

I'm a power clock
to this soul
a mother to 
this woman here
i have nurtured her legs 
to grow longer
and know better than to sway
with pilgrimages
i have braided her 
thick kinky hair
and washed her face until it glows
this beauty right here
is of my making
this woman here 
wears pride and dignity
like the mustang wears its mane
has a sense of definition
greater than essence of man
this woman here
is a giver, receiver 
someone in need yet
dances to no tune of a dictator
wears fruits of intelligence with elegance
this woman here
is a masterpiece 
is here to build home here
this woman here
lives in a mind of a man who
appreciate naturale as a sense of style
and flair
a man who commands her needs
feeds love to her in a glass spoon
and answers to her yearns with grace
yet he still sincerely begs for more
but more to 
this woman here
comes with incentives
more means forever
and more here means all of this woman
whole with no ammendments
this woman here 
is to stay...