Written by: Sandra Hudson

What would I see if I saw the real me?

Mirrors, like water only reflect.
People see us, but really only see what we want them to see.
Dogs and cats, accept us anyway, so their version of us is biased.
Our perception of ourselves seems to always be insufficient.
How we see others, and what we say to others, is different. 
Are we always honest?

What would I see, if I saw the real me?

The (me on the inside). 
That inner being, living just under the shell of skin.
The temples offering.
Am I molecule, particle or subatomic?
Am I a proton, or neutron, part of a nucleus? 

Would I look like;
An alien, with one eye that looks only forward?
Is it possible, that I could be a light, which represents happiness, all aglow?
Perhaps, I would take the form of musical notes, sweet and soft.
Better still, I could become eternity, and bigger than any galaxy.

What I need to hear doesn’t answer any of those questions.
Because I won’t find out any answers until after I’m gone. 

It's just that,
in my (always struggling to walk that fine line) life,
All I ever really wanted to hear,
is that “I made a difference”.

Entered in Kristin Reynolds “What I need to Hear Contest”