Written by: Matthew Brackley

The rising foot hills
Made the air crisp and clear
Moondusts’ horse playfully nibbled
Our shoulders
We loved to have him near

Such tall trees
of Redwood, Beech and Fir
So many small flowers
We passed on our way
The colours
Like jewels
On an emerald blanket, they lay

The sparkle in Aquilas’ eyes
Is for me
That mortals
Have magic too
They just don’t know it
Yet, I sense it
Powerful and strong
In the love of my poet

 I sense here
We will find soon
The nest
Of us
In the place of The Rising Moon

The night will bring
A Rising Moon
In it’s silver light
Our place, our home
Our everything

Such clear light
From the moon and stars
In the valley
We could see the castle
Our place, our home
Our everything

I felt the warmth
Of Aquilas’ hand
In mine
This is more than magic
The  place of the rising moon
In the Valley of Stars
It is in the grand design