Love Is Who You Are ( NOT, Just Something You Do ) Part 1

Written by: john freeman

You certainly need to watch what you do. But be what you are in whatever it is you are doing
first, for those things you find yourself doing of the mind only, not connected to the love 
source which is the real you, will only become a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. 
Therefore, be found being what you are in everything you do, and that is love! ©, I Cor. Ch, 
13. Kjv.  Just an act of love from the mind apart from the heart, is as nothing, as Paul said! 
Love, true riches of love, must begin in the heart where your love is stored, the real 
substance, of the self of soul, that God gave us to be!

God is love,
From above,
And blew that into man,
Twas his plan,
For humanity to be love!

God is perfect,
And he is love,
All things being from above,
And what God blew into the man,
Which was perfect in his plan, 
was love!

In God’s image, and likeness too,
I certainly think, love’s perfection in man, will do,
How about you?

But a house divided, will not stand,
For in the land which is man,
The mind, the goat of gloat,
Took a stand,
Against love’s real man!