Hott Geek

Written by: sajdah al-riyami

You and you Colored Shorts
& 'Em country flags
The way you'r authoritarian face alike in court
And Your eerie all looking handbag

Your "Lucky" bear all bashed
        What's the white stuff on it?! ...
Your glasses seems like a Lab Doc. mask
You like totally cart an aid kit

I  get why you study
But 24/7 no amusement,no messing
And like get why you ditch the Fuglies
But Does your house have any manner  of reflection>?

And your breathe's all fishy
It's russian dish you venerate so much
And you start revering to be a jocky
But Sport:YOU can totally not touch

But guess what
You non-understood fool
All what your personality got

Just makes me wanna drool @.@
*Huba* *Huba*