I cant believe what I read.

Written by: gareth stockwood

I just recently read on another site, that a young girl wrote that all soldiers are scum and 
bullies. Full of anger I write this because the small minded fools like that, give our service 
people a bad name. I would like that person to wait until november the 11th, and stand in 
front of the war veterans, and tell them what they fought for was pointless. I would want her 
to tell the families of the fallen that thier loved one died for no apparent reason. This young 
girl also said that anyone that serves in the forces cant make it in the real world, this is why 
they join up. I just wish all the small minded fools like this would just speak to soldiers or 
veterans to gain the knowledge to make a real assumption. Yes freedom of speech gives us 
a voice but when that voice runs down our soldiers when they fight abroad for our freedom, 
this is one of them times when voices shouldnt be heard, our thoughts should be with the 
families and friends of the fallen. To anyone who cares, our heroes fight for our country and 
our democracy in the most unforgiving circumstances believable to man. Why should anyone 
come home from war to be told that thier friends died for nothing, and to be classed as a 
bully for doing thier job, well not just a job, doing the most honourable thing anyone can do. 
to all soldiers and ex soldiers im proud of my service I done for my country, and I salute 
each and everyone of you, you work hard for no thanks and no reward.