A Pack of Cards

Written by: Aleh Barysau

Oh, queens, aces beside them and kings
and all the minions serve them and jacks.
I don’t play 'em, ’m not excited w/the things.
A voice  – “I'll take them, if you don’t me object”.

Diamonds, clubs, spades and beautiful hearts –
symbols of sway, eternal suits,
forced to being shuffled by infidel hands,
those fiery came from infernal loots.

And they are chosen, ones of them – trumps,
laying above the stifling suffering world
of the rest covered, beaten and slumped,
swinging round an` round in a devilish whirl.

An` the pack is shuffled by the hands on an` on
‘cause of friction they get one wicked spark.
Devil’s laughing at it in his own Babylon,
I’m now in his hands as one petty card.

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