For Charlotte

Written by: sajdah al-riyami

Chazz your like my kitty
With your act of the witty
And your dance so crazy

I am enchanted with
Your "bubbly-Wubbly'"talk
Your the girl to be with
During A Dead Zone walk

Now my bro's making
My cat Rap
O god For saking:
"Sufyan,Cut the crap"

I will miss your
Blue baby Dips
And what's much more
Than You I'll miss?

I saw death 
He was wearing a shirt
It said"Go take a bathe
And stop being Such a skirt"

But he aint the One
That stopped my negative ways
It was You!My Love=)
That cropped my Drama-Queens Days

I Go all insane around
You My Chick
Its my music sound
That'll make you go "Whicka,whick"

I still want Nad'z
Apple bottom Jeans
But you'l probably goes
"Saj,You've got an a*s!O jeez =,=' "

I Love you Blondie
For making My day
If it weren't for all your "WOO-Zie"
How will I be so glad today?