The bad

Written by: Charlotte de Bekker

Why would you choose to have so many worries?
Why would you choose to have so many woes?
Why would you choose to get carried away by them?
In the end they could be friends not foes

You see, all these things that happened to you today
They all teach you something
And the lessons wont easily fade away 
You could be worried about the tough
But listen, interestingly enough,

If you only think about the bad
Then the bad is all you will see

So please my friend, just listen to me
Think about what you learnt from the bad
And instead of regret you will see
That if it hadn't happened
Than to a certain degree
The person you are right now, you wouldn't be.

And in the future
When you think back to the past
And all you remember is the bad,

Maybe then it will cross your mind
That that weird poem you once read, might have been right.