Written by: Matthew Brackley

They came at night

Just before dawn

Moondust awoke

I heard the wraiths’ shrieking cries

Faeries’ magic to invoke

Longbow drawn


I kissed my Moondust

Then back to back

We waited for the onslaught

A Faerie Queen ready

My longbow ready 

The battle to be fought


Soft amethyst light

Surrounded us

The love within

Will conquer the stain of the night


So it was, that evil

Tried to take

What was never theirs

That love can never break

Of spells that spill


The flashing fire

Amethyst light

Together we stood

And banished the night


Time and time again

They came

They could never win

Fighting as one

Loving as one

Of Faerie magic

Arrows brown and gold

What lies within

Will never hide

It burst forth

Soft amethyst light

Washing away

The stain of the night