Written by: Matthew Brackley

Across the bridge

In to the depths

Of the other side

I felt the faint prickle

Of something

Not alive


Moondust felt it too

Of cold winds

Tattered cloaks 

Blowing through


Moondusts’ horse

Whose name is known only to her

Shivered and snorted

The rising cold air


Let us leave this place

My longbow unsheathed

Arrows of brown and gold

At the ready

Moondust magic

The light wreathed


I felt it deep

Moondust too

That evil can seep

In to beauty

And stain it in darkened hues


As one

Evil cannot prevail

For love

Beauty and magic


Will never fail

It cannot divide

What lies within

Will never hide

It bursts forth

Soft amethyst light

Washing away

The stain of the night