just something new

Written by: Carel Jean Abulencia

All my days had taught me everything.
Years has passed
All the agony, the sacrifice, the tears
Now all gone.

I'm now, not in an oblivion
But I am now in a balanced world.
Yes, everything seems so new.
Everything seems not blue.

I'm living life like the way it use to be.
But now i"m living it with my one and only.
No more cries, no more tears.
No more anger to fill as I sleep.

I am just a shallow little girl.
Daddy's liitle one.
But outside I am someone more big.
Someone who can face everything.

I start to believe, begun to hope
Begun to dream more as I dream before.
I'll be making them true.
I'll be making it reality.

I will not waste a single hour of days now.
I will use it wisely.
More enough I'll be spending it with the one I love.