Written by: brandy megens

am i a jerk for starring at your butt when you wear that mini skirt

or licking my lips as you bend over to pick up your shoes

am i rude for loving the way your body grooves to the music

and for wanting to make you groan

does it make me a pig for admitting i'd love to hold your boobs

kissing them and fondling and rubbing them so gently

what about the way you smell when your wearing that perfume

walking around the house naked just letting loose

letting greavity take over your body and loosing control

i really love when your about to climax and your legs begin to shake

squeezing my head with your thighs locking me in place

the taste of your honey sweetens my tea putting me to sleep

they say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice

i say the longer the tunnel the better the drive

you engulf me with your sexism and mystify me with your ora

yet am i a pig for needing these things an dstill wanting more

your fantasies  i want to fullfill your desires i want you to embrace

i need that taste all over again to absorb into my head

when i lay down in bed your all over my mind

the way you bump and grind and that view from behind

lets take this ride one more time for old time sake

either my ankles or my neck are bound to break