Written by: brandy megens

fits of rage empower my being

everytime i see your face

you left me with an awful taste in my mouth

something like the taste of metal

in our weakest moments we are great

in our greatest moments we become weak

i let you wheel me into your web

and use me as bait for your plan

your wickedness impails me though the heart

opening old wounds that bleed salt and alcohol

rubbing me the wrong way all the way to the bone

i imagine my life if you were never in it

and i think it would be no good

as much as you torture me with your presence

you ignite a spark that sets this room on fire

i visualize us from animalistic view

a lion and a scarecrow making love outta nothing at all

pieces of our memory taunt me everyday

especially when i wake up wet between my legs

although we both moved on the feelings still are there

we don't say we love eachother but we know we do care

when you make love to her do you picture me on top

will we ever really let these emotions stop

tonight i'll lay down and close my eyes 

pretending your my hand between my thighs

damn i miss you