Idol Chatter

Written by: Donna Golden

I’m so confused, what do they want?
Those judges seem to goad and taunt
One week they ask for something new
Then criticize when you try to!

To my dawg, Randy, I’ll throw a bone
For Paula, I’ll make it my own
For Kara, I’ll be RIDIC-U-LOUS
And, for Simon, I'm meticulous 

What will I do this summer, now?
I'll miss my Idol nights, and how!
I wonder if Kara'll be back
Or if Simon will cut some slack

To the darker side this show appeals
But I love my Randy J. for REALS
And Paula just can't help but be
Her gushing self, oh my oh, me!

Till next winter, I'll have to wait
And with each teaser I'll take the bait
And sit, transfixed before the set
For the greatest Idol season yet!