Written by: Sandra Hudson

No one is more famous than Allo Wishis
Who, with his bat, broke all 108 stitches
Exposing a yarn ball, the leather fell fast
Causing the fans, to rise, with a gasp

Back in a corner lot, below Hamby Square
Was a sixteen year old pitcher, Billy Baer
Had a bad habit, of breaking wind
Because of the force, he’d put on his spin

He’d raise his knee, to meet his chest
Then split the distance, with leg abreast
Stepping off, to shoot the curve, 
as the ball would fire, from Billy’s nerve

Up then down, he’d send them all back
To the dugout they flew, every inning in fact
Till at last as the sky, turned dark royal blue
From out of the dugout, he came, tapping his shoe 

Score was tied, with one more strike to throw
It was Allo Wishis, who succeeded a blow
Breaking the pitch, and ball with ease
Bringing the pitcher, right down to his knees

Up on the shoulders, of everyone there
Rode Allo Wishis, and Billy Baer
Three hours after, everyone had gone home
They received a call, that the ball, was a scone

Seems that the bakers son, went home to eat
Taking his ball, and leaving the treat
But that didn’t matter, a ball or a tart
They play again tomorrow, well, at least until dark