And, No, Yes... I’m Too Tired To Die

Written by: Rakib Uddin Ahmed

I asked who am I, my name?
You answered not in the same.    

To you whom I loved,
You looked for your gains a lot.
Hearts forgot their Hearts,
I watched the faiths you got.
And, my dreams did die,
And, I used to cry.

Though, I sang songs were new,
You played your tools with you.
No, I didn’t know- 
The last of the beginning,
No, I didn’t know- 
How you were thinking.

Yes, I was None but One,
Yes, you were Some but None.
Please, kill me dear now,
I can’t have our lives anyhow. 
To live these lives with try
I’m too tired to die.

June 09, 2009
Kallyanpur, Dhaka;