Reflections on Truth

Written by: Julian LeBaron

In solitary silence i commune with my own heart,
And diligently consider its questions and awnsers,
It declares to me that all real questions have real awnsers.
Truth offers herself to all who enquire after her.
If insulted she will look for better company,
From better dispositions and warmer hospitality.

She exists like a spirit; not timid and weak, but powerful,
And she will share her power with all her followers,
To bless or curse those who use her influence;
If used for justice, she will protect and defend,
If for mercy she will inspire benevolence and goodness;
If used for love she will make worthy of the same;
If for hate she will bring misery, if to deceive she will condemn.

Of all in existence she is the most excellent!
Because she illustrates lucid and clear choices,
She conveys the most profound feelings,
And the grandest most sublime imaginations,
She plainly discovers beauty and ugliness.

She is not property to be owned and controlled,
Nor will she own and control those who know her,
She imparts the power of pure intelligence,
Witch is nought else but her own power.
She makes the best people, and also the worst.
The great and wise who raise others to her vitality and glory,
The wretched and miserable who by her abuse and oppress.

She discovers what is, what was and what will be.
She influences the highest and most beneficent liberty,
And also the heaviest oppression and cruelest tyranny.
Lies can be vehemently hurled against her,
But she overthrows all direct contact with her enemies.

She is equally impartial to flattery as she is to scorn.
To doubt, wonder and question is to stand in her shadow.
To reflect, reason and believe is to see by her light.
She is not in words, thoughts or silences,
But manifests and presents herself through these.

She is the absolute that makes possible all absolutes,
She emanates knowledge, confidence and wisdom,
With her fear dissipates and disappears,
And beauty is her splendor; She is the mighty Truth.

                                                                 Julian LeBaron