Where the mind goes.........

Written by: Abraham Lincoln

The man follows wether wrong or right,
The mind plays an important role in your victory
I am not just dishing this out to you and forgetting me,
This is an area in my life that i would agree with God 
to set me free.

The power of the holy Spirit working thru God's word,
Believe, be determine to win the battle in your mind.
To win the victories in our minds, it's important, grasp 
the concept, and believe that total victory you will receive.

Where the mind goes the man or woman follows.  It's 
a fact, that if you think on something long enough, it would
be that same thing you will attack. Victory begins in the mind,
Think on things that are lovely, edifying, wholesome and true,
renew your mind with new ideas that will benefit and transform you.