Sweet Childhood Memories

Written by: Michele Harrison

I remember me and my cousins 
running on the hot paved streets
Of Chicago
In mid summer
to the candy lady 
to buy 
a .25 cent frozen cup

Grandmama in the kitchen
wiping sweat off her forehead
as she prepares our favorite
Pork Chops, fried corn, 
and collards
with white corn bread balls in them

Out front jumping double dutch
with the longest extention cords we could find
without getting into trouble
for unplugging something

Daddy in the bathroom mirror
spraying care free in his jeri curl
always trying to look his best

Block parties were so fun
with the fire hydrant shooting water
free prizes, games food
and fun
all on one block

Penny candy, porkrinds with hotsauce
pickles, pop, now n later's, icecream
Man we had it all

Sweet childhood memories
I will always recall