Chapters Being Written

Written by: diana jackson

The pages are turning, one page at a time.  
A story is written line upon line. 

Echoes from the past pushing me forward even still
What is ahead I do not know, but something urges me to go

Life has its ups and downs and we must experience them all
With expectation, with some reservation I feel the call. 

Not afraid to move ahead, standing still is not my way
So moving forward looking for to a better day. 

Pausing only for a moment to look where I have been
Then continuing on to the next journeys end

Life is a story being told. a book full of chapters 
Some made of pure gold, 

We keep all the chapters, some good and some bad 
For there are lessons to be learned from all that was had.  

A mixture of tender moments, sadness, laughter  and  despair, teaching us who we are, 
showing us how to care.  

There is a guiding hand in all of this taking us to each level, each chapter of our lives, lifting 
us up when we fall, pulling us up gently, speaking into our hearts a new song,  a new hope 
a new direction.