The Frame

Written by: Jo Hayton

I can feel sadness for my condition
But I beg of it
To inherit my heart
For all the years
I am lucky enough
To grace this earth

I forget sometimes the tears
When in a moment
You smile at me
The tear so readily 
Wanting to pierce my heart
Knowing soon you will go

I remember every look
Every word spoken
In our time 
Of togetherness
Though always cut short
By the clock ticking on your hand

I am always on the outside
Watching us
Urging myself
To believe 
You're there
With me, 

I see the beauty
Others would see
I detach from 
All that I know
I should remember
And place in my life 

I mark them in the folder
To open
When the girl in the mirror 
The love
Brought from you

I want to take 
Your smile at me
And attach it to the frame
That surrounds my heart