Burn Sun Burn

Written by: Michele Harrison

Shallow waters resting
God's cool breathe creating a wind, that blows away my disgust
From the hurt that my heart stumbled upon
The day I met you

Blow Wind Blow

Blow away all the pain that i felt, beastly slaps and punches
Blow away all the foul names I was called
The sex I was forced to have instead of more beastly blows
Blow away the nauseous feeling I get whenever I think of how I could have ever loved
Someone like you

How sick of me allowing you to inflect such a negative energy in my life.
How ultimately terrible of me to love you with all of my heart through it all
What was wrong with me?
What a nightmare I lived through all of those years
While you sniffed away our lives and tried to take my soul away

I ached, cried, kicked, and screamed for you
I use to do anything to profess my love
I even went to jail, ruined myself
What a crying shame

Shallow waters resting, the sun beaming down

Burn Sun Burn

Burn away my demented thinking
Loving a heartless man
Selling myself short of the Queen that I am
The loving mother that I will always be
Burn away any doubt I have about what I can achieve
Burn away any piece of love that I ever had for this man

Now I lay in the shallow water an look up at the sun
As me and the earth finally become one