summer was fun here for awhile..

Written by: alisa cook

life was fun here for awhile, i held your hand and walked with you 
dreaming of the night's we kinda went though . the laughter ,the joy that we once shared 
your shareing it now with someone alse.
i hope sometime in all that you do you start really missing me like i'm  really missing you i 
think about you everynight and wishing it was me that was  holding you tight.
wishing it was me you were talking to, shareing dayand nights to .
i wanted us to work out that is true but you let lie's come in our life  you judged me without  
a question or a goodbye.
i wonder if you will be happy knowing the way you done me,when i was good to you i hope 
you get treated this same way too .
i hope you care and fall in love and the bitch you get walks away from you.
yes there's anger in my heart  cause you promised ,and lied and tore my life apart i lost 
some friends because i trusted in you . i took up for you but where were you at? 
messeing around behind my back.
i was the laugh of this little town ,the talk of me they woulden't let down you walked away to 
start a new with a new game for some one new. 
too get your sex or what ever you want i hope everything blows up in your face and you 
really feel your life out of place. 
cause that's how you left me here .