Written by: brandy megens

sitting under the sycamore tree

visualizing how life in their world might be

little boys made into soldiers and rebels

forced to rape their mothers and sisters

bellies sticking out full of empty air

the smell of death neutralizes the air

bodies thrown into a pit and forgotten over ages

washing up in feces infested water and drinking urine 

blood tears stained their cheeks

surviving off human remains

guards beating them merciously with chains

no where out no where to go only one road to the top

starring into the sky imagining another world they'll never find

red cross workers become hostages supplies destroyed 

trading women for livestock and kids for sexual pleasures

murders more common than the flu with no cure

militia are the new mom and dad of their town

sores and disease infest and corrode their helpless bodies

the body count adds up survival grows slim

we sit and watch this on t.v then say goodnight to our family

isn't life all the same we should be ashamed

these stories are real and are not so far away

how about saving a life today